They Eight Us To Shreds // Best Away Fans In The League // Arsene Incapable Anymore by Alex-Forty-Nine
29/08/2011, 12:48
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Where do i start after yesterdays indescribable performance by a so-called Arsenal team. The only association that turned up for Arsenal yesterday were those 3000 Arsenal Away fans who kudos to them did not stop singing at all despite the lack of passion and work rate from those 11 players on the pitch. Before i talk about the game and how i think about the players that played, i believe it is fully deserved for every single away fan yesterday to be fully refunded without fail after that abysmal display.

Moving on to the terrible game yesterday as i arrived home late completely shattered from a footy¬†tournament¬†i had played and walking into the living room only to see we were already 2-0 down and heard we had missed a penalty it all started to become even worse as more goals started to fly in. We were 3-0 and then out of no where we had got a cheeky goal before the break form a good finish from Walcott, about the only thing i had seen him do apart from winning the penalty. Going in at half time 3-1 down you felt this could be turned around, as we attack Manure they seemed to definitely be shaky and we attacked quite well but didn’t take our chances, if you were to look at the stats at half time you would never have believed we would be the team losing 3-1. It just goes to show that stats do no tell the whole story.

Second half started and Manure came flying out of the blocks causing our defence many more problems and showing how¬†utterly¬†shite they are. Traore now being linked with a move away played like a player who was set to leave, Djourou played like an absolute Donkey and look like Squid in disguise, Kos played decent but with out Vermaelen next to him to take command you could tell he was isolated constantly and with Djourou’s lack of positional awareness he was basically covering for the both of them and i don’t even want to get started on Jenkinson. If i start on my thoughts about Jenkinson i wont stop and it will upset a lot of Arsenal fans i leave it to your own opinions but my own one is not a good one of him. I think the biggest failing yesterday was seeing Wenger just sit there clueless and it all showed as soon as he took off¬†Francis Coquelin who i thought was¬†at least¬†keeping it a fair score and trying to protect a terrible back four on his debut was truly a tough task for a once again¬†inexperienced¬†youth player stuck in the deep end by Wenger and his inability to see Experience is needed and fast.

We now have just over 48 hours to sort this complete mess out, do i have faith in Wenger to do it? No i don’t. Do i hope he really does? Of course i do i want the best for Arsenal FC the club i love and have grown up supporting. It’s a very tough task he’s got on his hands right now and to be honest it will take more than 3 players to sort it out. We have no excuse about injuries and suspensions of the end result yesterday even youth can’t be used as an excuse as they fielded a younger team than us.

The difference with their youth and ours is they have that EPL experience before even kicking a ball for them in the first team, they know the ins and outs and albeit at a price they have done it so well, Wenger’s view and singings of youth are of that of total difference to theirs. Wenger rarely buys tried and tested youth and they only suffer when called upon in the Arsenal team. Wilshere had it perfect for him, Wenger done it the right way for his progression and growth into a top player. That season long loan not only done wonders for him but it also gave him that experience in the EPL without having such a big weight on his shoulders and away from blocking his¬†progression¬†through being used as an Arsenal player. Ramsey needs that season long loan to an EPL, at the moment he¬†isn’t¬†up to playing for Arsenal in the first team, he will be for sure one day, but right now he’s not, there is far too much¬†pressure¬†on all our youngsters to play in this Arsenal team and it’s not their faults but it could hinder them in the future, Wenger is the only one at fault for sticking them in the deep end without any blow up arm supports to keep them afloat, that being Experienced players to help them.

At the moment its hard to feel sorry for Wenger unless we are told the truth, i don’t only blame him i blame the board highly, having an American owner who is incapable of speaking to the fans or rather¬†doesn’t¬†want to¬†isn’t¬†good for business at all. Transfer window officially shuts on Wednesday at 11pm and if nothing is done to improve or resolve this AW has lost my backing and the board has lost me completely a long time ago. This could very well be the last season at Arsenal for Wenger, Make or break for him indeed.

Thats all for me to write as i am still quite angry, frustrated and much more at the moment.

I’ll leave you with a little video of our immense away fans from yesterday who did not stop singing at all.

Yours Goonerly.


Udinese v Arsenal (Second Leg) Preview (Agg. 0-1) by Alex-Forty-Nine
24/08/2011, 18:06
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So we are just under an hour away from one fo the most important games Arsenal will have to play this season, it is not only a ticket into the champions league but it may also be the start of and hopefully some incoming signings, as it has been reporting we have been waiting to secure UCL football before targeting players, a bit late it seems though with only one week left in the transfer window.

So lets start off with the line up being confirmed by UEFA themselves –


Jenkinson – Djourou – Vermaelen – Sagna

Song – Frimpong


Walcott                                     Gervinho


It looks to me that Arsene has decided to go with a solid foundation but with the content to counter attack quickly through Ramsey, Walcott and Gervinho. Gervinho and Walcott will need to provide the quick counter Arsenal need to threaten the Udinese¬†defence¬†which i feel¬†isn’t¬†great at all. It will be interesting to see the partnership between Song and Frimpong, Frimpong recently said in the Arsenal Close Up on Arsenal Player that he gets on most with Song and is a father/uncle figure towards him. No doubt it will be quite solid from the both of them, my only concern is the Right hand side of the Defence with Djourou prone to the odd mistake and having the in-experienced Jenkinson at right back im pretty sure Udinese will look to exploit that side more often than the left side. This is where it will be important for either one of the DM of Song and Frimpong to help that side more often but to maintain having that one guy in the middle of the park at all times.

Come On You Gooners

I’m excited for the game not too nervy but why should i be we are the Arsenal, Udinese¬†aren’t¬†a great team and we should¬†effectively¬†beat them. The only drawback to this game is the Media will be ready to pounce all over us if all goes wrong for us.

Thats all for now and lets just focus on winning the game!

Yours Goonerly.

Walcott Feeling The Pressure by Alex-Forty-Nine
22/08/2011, 15:53
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So ive decided to dedicate a blog post to Theo Walcott today, i know right he should feel so special.
I’d just like to start off by saying my view on Walcott himself – I dont rate him one bit, i feel he is a player with huge potential but for only one reason, and that reason is his blistering pace, no doubt he has an abundance of pace but without the brain in football he wont get far off with his pace alone. The way I see it, Walcott needs to learn and he needs to learn fast. whilst i sat at the Emirates on¬†Saturday¬†watching us fall apart as we lost the game 2-0 albeit the game only changed since we went down to 10 players. Moving on to my point of Walcott, I sat there deciding to watch him throughout the game just to understand what he does, how he does it and so on.¬†I¬†hear Enrique got the MOTM award against us, which okay well done to him but i¬†didn’t¬†see anything special from him marking Walcott. Walcott is not a hard player to mark out of the game. How¬†I¬†see it is that all the defender would have to do is to keep ushering him down the line and continue you so, Walcott is¬†incapable¬†of taking on a player with skill, he would be able to by knocking it past the player and running but for some reason he doesn’t even do that. He has done it before and its made him look great but he tries to revert to skill and he has none whatsoever.
Walcott was eventually subbed and the fan reaction from where i was sitting was a sign of relief, many fans around me believe he¬†isn’t¬†capable of playing on the wing and he would be much more suited to the CF role.

Moving on from the Liverpool game and how Walcott performed or should I say¬†didn’t¬†perform at all. This is Walcott’s fifth year with Arsenal now and what has he got to show for it? has he really grown into the potential Wenger said or believes he has?

I can’t help but think if Walcott had at least 20% the footballing brain Bergkamp had he would already be one of the best players in the world with the pace he¬†acquires. Now im pretty sure you can all gather that I don’t rate Walcott at all and im sure I have my valid reasons, so now I will explain why I think he’s going to feel the pressure this season and why.

Last season Walcott knew that if he were fit he would be in the starting 11 with ease and without doubt in his mind, during the summer though it may be he has though about the competition that has come in for his “Winger” role as Wenger has gone out and signed 2 players fit and suited to the right hand side winger position and also having secured a permit for Ryo Miyaichi.

All Pace...

With the signings of Gervinho who featured highly for Lille last season on the right side winger position, there can be no doubt that Walcott would be feeling the pressure this season, also the signing of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who was bought from the same team Walcott was purchased from 5 years before, a player who is already being dubbed better than Walcott, with more skill than Walcott and he is younger than Walcott you cant help but think Walcott is fearing this competition. That may be the reason that his latest comments that he feels he should play as a Striker, noting the competition he now has on that right side of the midfield/winger spot.

To me this is a make or break it season for Theo Walcott, he either proves that he now has the quality to play CF and hopefully Wenger gives him the chance to shine and plays him up top, but if he’s given the chance and he fails to impress im pretty sure that it will break Walcott with the upcoming emergence and signing of AOC.

Thats all for now on my little rant about Theo Walcott and maybe a little something for all of us to think about.
Wouldn’t you feel the pressure if your boss hired two people who could do the same thing as you, if not better?

Thanks for reading.

Yours Goonerly.


10 Days Left & What Are Your Thoughts? by Alex-Forty-Nine
21/08/2011, 20:16
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So we have 9/10 day left in the Summer Transfer Window left and we just lost 2-0 to Liverpool who in all honesty wouldn’t have beaten us if it were 11 v 11 but i don’t wish to do a report on the game as personally I’m a sore loser and i prefer to move on.

What i do ask is that anyone that follows me on twitter if they could @ me with how they feel Arsenal will end up come September 1st and what you would like to happen and so on.
I ask this as im going to be adding every Arsenal fans point of view good or bad into the next post just to get a sort of sense of how we are all feeling.

So if you feel like being mentioned in the next blog post either contact Myself through twitter or simply through the Contact Us page and with the Subject of Arsenal Thoughts.

Also on a quick side note, whats the betting the FA wont even say anything about Meireles giving the finger to the Arsenal fans whilst celebrating their second goal,¬†that’s¬†classy you CNUT.

All For Now

Yours Goonerly.

Debut Post // Liverpool Preview by pavafc
20/08/2011, 09:30
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Payback For The Extra 12 Minutes....

Today marks yet another crucial match in our season, despite it only being the 3rd match we’ve played! Having already had a huge match against Udinese (which I think we did well t o win, bearing in mind suspensions from those chimps at UEFA and injuries), the match against Liverpool is the first chance to test out our new summer signings against a good team (because let’s face it, Newcastle are hardly going to set the world on fire. Apart from Joey Barton, he might literally set the world on fire).

Injuries, suspensions and greed have robbed our first team of several key players so I approach this match with the usual Arsenal optimism of ‘we can beat anyone on our day’ with the fear of having to play Squillaci. Song and Gervinho are suspended, Wilshere is doing a Vermaelen and will be out for 8 days, spread out over 4 months and Rosicky has Rosickitis. Diaby is out, as are Gibbs and Traore. This means that Jenkinson and Frimpong are in line for their full Premiership debuts against a team with Suarez, Kuyt and Carroll which again doesn’t inspire me with confidence. Arshavin is normally worth a goal against Liverpool though, and it is important to note that we are undefeated against them in 11 games at home so not all is doom and gloom. What’s that you say? Squillaci? Oh…ok, maybe it is all doom and gloom.

All in all, tomorrow’s match, although early in the season, is a hugely important one if we are serious about sending out a serious message that we are serious about challenging for honours. Liverpool have spent money like there is no tomorrow and the mood around their camp is undoubtedly a lot more positive than that around our own. Players like Henderson and Downing, although hugely overrated in my book and certainly not worth ¬£20m, can still cause Jenkinson huge problems in defence, so he will have to prove that he is capable of stepping up. Don’t forget that he was playing Conference football at Christmas, so it is a massive step up for him. To be fair to him, I thought he did well against Udinese on Tuesday night so let’s hope he keeps it up.

Our squad is already looking extremely thin, so as I’ve said, I believe Wenger’s signings will feature heavily in the squad, if not the first team. Jenkinson will almost certainly play and I believe that one of Ryo/Oxlade-Chamberlain will start. Both will be on the bench anyway, so it will be interesting to see how they do. In better news, Gerrard is out for Liverpool and Johnson is a doubt, meaning Walcott should be able to have some fun down the right. I’d still rather be in Liverpool’s position than ours, but at such times, grasping at straws is the best we can do!

In other news, Wenger has said that Nasri might well play against Liverpool despite being half way to sunny Manchester – after all, ‘He is paid this month by Arsenal Football Club so why should he not play?’ as Le Boss put it. Personally I think he is a gifted player who, regardless of how many dollar signs his eyes are filled with, will be a loss to our squad when (if?) he goes, but at the end of the day, money talks so if he does play, I expect him to be given a rough ride by the fans tomorrow (rightly or wrongly). Joel Campbell’s signing was finalised yesterday too, and I really hope he is more exciting to watch than to listen to, because his interview on ArsenalPlayer was dire. I’ve had more¬†stimulating¬†experiences on aeroplanes. Asleep.

That’s it for this week, good luck to the boys – let’s hope we can send out a real message that Arsenal mean business this year. After all, it’s about the only business we seem to be able to do.

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14 Days & Counting Till Judgment Day by Alex-Forty-Nine
17/08/2011, 19:31
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Do or Die Mr Wenger - Do or Die...

So from today we have exactly 14 days to make this season into one of the most memorable in years to come for the best or possibly the worst ever. The last 2 weeks of the summer transfer one will be the most nerve racking, nail biting and tense time for Arsenal fans, Players and Manager. I only see two outcomes to this transfer window at the moment for Arsenal and it all depends on Le Boss and what he intends or is doing. Wenger now has 14 days to prove to all us Arsenal fans, who no doubt spend a lot of money to follow Arsenal at any degree be it, going to the games, watching on the tv or simply buying the new kit we bring out every year, That he can add to this squad, but add to it with the right players and the right quality.

Le Boss now has no excuse not to spend the money with the departure of Cesc and Co. Arsenal is not a poor club, i refuse to believe we dont have funds available or the board wont allow Wenger to spend. This is how i see it at the moment. We stick with this squad without further signings before September 1st, selling Na$ri gaining a £20-25 million fee for it and just sitting in the bank along with the £35million odd we got for Fabregas totalling to around £60million with the freeing of both players wages leaving us short of to midfielders and no signings albeit Gervinho but ill get to him later on. Moving on anyway, im trying to say in all this is we are becoming a very weak squad and short of 4-5 players considering the amount of departures we have had including Cesc,Eboue,Vela (loan),JET,Na$ri soon off and many reserves players shifted. The players we have bough so far being Gervinho, AOC and Jenkinson, dont really know if i should add Joel Campbell as a first team acquisition just yet but apart from Gervinho none of the players would be classed as automatic first team starters. 14 days is the time when i will really judge Arsene, its make or break for him this season in my opinion, he has stated in a recent interview on skysportsnews or should i say skyspudnews-

I will pay 30 i will even pay 40 if i find the right players, but its not the question of money, its the question of quality we find”

if im right before i go on about the words of Le Boss, did he not state himself after the fulham match that he would not spend ¬£40million on a player?¬†Ye im pretty sure he said that. Anyway i would just like to point out why is it so easy for a team like Citeh to find “quality” such as Aguero although being around ¬£35-38million, how i wish Arsenal would aim for those type of players, you have to remember their wage is that high because it is a team like Citeh it is a major risk joining a team like that and the only way they can attract top players like Aguero is with a nice fat pay cheque at the end of the week, Arsenal is a very famous club and we¬†shouldn’t¬†find it hard to attract these types of players, the wage difference they would ask for comparing us to Citeh would be a major difference.¬†I can name around 10 players in the ¬£30-40 million bracket who have heaps of quality and would instantly add it to Arsenal i just dont think Wenger has it in him to pay those kind of fees regardless of what he said he would.

I dont want to hear come September 1st that the players we were after¬†weren’t¬†available or the lack of quality¬†wasn’t¬†there to be bought, thats just utter nonsense, its¬†definitely¬†there its just the case if Wenger has the cajones to go out there and get them and spend whatever it takes. No dilly-dallying for a million here or there,¬†we’ve¬†missed out far too many times doing that and with 2 weeks left and with a massive amount of money to spend i would¬†love¬†to see him do that otherwise although i will remain on his side until May 2012 i fear for Wenger has a lot of Arsenal fans are reaching their last nerve point.

For me i will judge when the transfer window closes and assess fully, i hope you all will too. A massive two weeks for Arsenal and Wenger off the pitch, a sort of Do or Die situation.

I leave you with a quote from Tim Payton (@TimPayton) –

“ive never seen a bank account keep a clean sheet or score a goal”

So True indeed, fully agree, i just hope Wenger takes note.

Also on a quick note i would like to welcome @Pav_afc to the Forty-Nine team here, he will be doing the liverpool pre-view before saturday and i hope you all enjoy.

Thats all for me, would love to hear all your thouhts and so on.

Yours Goonerly



More Important Things // Cesc & Eboue Off // Keep The Faith by Alex-Forty-Nine
15/08/2011, 15:53
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Good Afternoon on this bleak looking day.

So first things first we have one of the most important fixtures coming up starting from tomorrow night at the Emirates. We face an Italian team Udinese who although having sold 2 of their star players in the likes of Inler and Sanchez, we are also in the same sort of position having already departed with Cesc and Nasri looking set to go towards the exit door of the Emirates soon. This game is one of the most important games Arsenal will have to play this season,and probably one of the most important games in the sake of Wenger’s career. Failing to qualify for Europe could result in a total up roar at the Emirates as it is already failing to hold onto a big contingent of Arsenal fans as we grown ever so¬†frustrated¬†by the club with every bad result of transfer dealing.

It will be interesting to see who Wenger picks to play up top against Udinese with Robin Van Persie out suspended accompanied by the¬†controversy¬†headliner Nasri. Do we go up top with Chamakh alone or go with Gervinho being the lone striker. It’s a question only Wenger can answer 30 minutes prior to kick off but we all have our own views and opinions on who we think should be played and what sort of formation should be deployed. The one thing i pray for is that Arsenal don’t take Udinese lightly, they will be a tough opponent no doubt, but in all heinz sight we should walk over them, same could be said about Newcastle on saturday which to be honest i don’t even want to begin talking about again.

My thoughts of the sort of team we should deploy would go as followed –


Sagna – Kos – Verminator – Gibbs


Ramsey – Rosicky/Lansbury

Walcott                                            Arshavin


You may ask why i haven’t put Chamakh up top as the lone striker, well in my opinion i don’t feel he offers enough as a lone striker for Arsenal, although i don’t undermine his heading ability, i just don’t think he’s cut out to be a lone striker for Arsenal, that being said i would love to see him played in a 4-4-2 formation with someone up top to partner him, allowing him to link up with someone may prove to be his turning point. I think Arsenal need to revert to our 4-4-2 formation that we saw dominate the EPL going 49 Games unbeaten, having that extra striker i feel is the missing link in Arsenals game, having that extra body in the box when our wingers are bursting down the wings only to find an empty box or only a one man target to hit. If we were to use a 4-4-2 formation i would like it to be –


Sagna – Kos – Verminator – Gibbs

Song – Rosicky/Ramsey

Walcott                                         Arshavin

Gervinho – Chamakh

I think the 4-4-2 formation could well work in our favour if the whole team takes part in its defensive duties then we should be able to handle all the pressure we may be up against.

Moving on from the UCL qualifier we have tomorrow night, it saddens me to talk about the departure of a great talent Cesc Fabregas. I say talent because i feel he¬†hasn’t¬†even reached his full potential although being a world-class centre mid and probably the best at his trade in the EPL but far. Having spent 8 years at Arsenal and only¬†effectively¬†won one trophy, the 2005 FA Cup. I remember Cesc featuring in the reserves following his move from the Barcelona Youth system at the age of 16. From the very first moment of watching him i remember feeling excited at what this guy can be like and is like. Tearing part the reserve league and then being shifted into the first team through a lucky break whilst Vieira suffered through injuries he came with a storm to the EPL. Making a total of 303 appearances for Arsenal scoring 57 goals and with a total tally of 100 assists we have finally lost El Capitan. I wish him all the best however angry i feel, mainly towards the Cuntelona lot i their manner in which they eventually got Fabregas, but that is one thing i will gladly like to see the end of.

A dear friend of mine who is also about to be sold by the Club Eboue after eventually agreeing a fee with Galatasaray, a guy who was booed off at the Emirates after coming on as a sub and eventually being subbed off. I honestly feel for Eboue and what he’s been through and he has shown his full commitment to arsenal more than most players who have come and gone wearing the Red and White. A player of that example is Samir Nasri, who continues to be tipped to be the next departure out of the Emirates. He was today involved in yet again another twitter ramp with Arsenal fans, proving once again he is clueless to the meaning of respect and asking for it back –

Second To Last Tweet What A Tit

This just goes to show that some football players, so-called¬†professionals¬†are really oblivious as to how they can win or lose the fans hearts so easily. My answer to that Nasri, the only way you will be respected is by putting pen to paper in a new contract and proving your real ability which we all know you have not for only 3 months of the season but for a full season. He really should refrain from mentioning what he “heard” the fans singing or what he thinks is “disrespectful” without knowing the meaning of respect in the first place.

Anyway enough of my ranting today, i want to end it on a good note. So i came across a song yesterday by Danny Graft (twitter account @DannyGraft) and id like every Arsenal fan to have a little listen, and keep the faith.

Thats all today and one last quick note, The biggest signing Arsenal could possibly make this season is the 12th Man, Us Home Fans!

Yours Goonerly.

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