Big Mouth Disrespectful Idiots // Transfer Bits & Bobs // Whats On The Menu? by Alex-Forty-Nine
14/07/2011, 13:43
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Morning Gooners, we start off today and im sure you’ve all heard that the Erected-Crest Penguin one like the picture above from Happy Feet has spoken once again about El Capitan of ours –
“I spoke to Cesc in Ibiza and he said he was suffering, because he really wants to come. It’s what he most wants, he’s done everything he can to come and wants Arsenal to let him go”
Well what does that tell you about guy that on one hand is one of the best passers in football yet on the other hand is a total tit.Its makes you think though if Cesc was smart enough he would convince them to pay up the £45-50Mil that we want and find it acceptable to depart from our captain or to just stay silent himself and tell the truth publicly, although i dont  doubt Cesc’s loyalty to Arsenal but its no hidden fact that we can all see he wants to go, without hearing these obnoxious idiots from Barcelona constantly saying he wants to go. Wenger’s reaction to the quotes of Xavi are quite interesting –
“It is very disrespectful, and it is not the first time that Xavi has been disrespectful to Arsenal Football Club,”
So if our manager agrees it is disrespectful shouldn’t he do something about it? maybe file a complaint to FIFA?  Accuse them of virtually tapping up and unsettling our captain.

Moving on swiftly as we’ve all heard and seen it before, the Nasri situations seems to be at a stalemate, Wenger is determined to hold onto Nasri for the remainder of his 12 months contract and willing to risk losing him on a free, rather than cashing in on him now which could be of a fee around £25-30mil. Its odd to think that even the board are backing Wenger up on this and losing that large amount of money in 12 months like we’ve seen once again. Wouldnt it be wise to offer Nasri a new contract with a clause saying if no silverware is one this year then he can leave with a minimum release clause that way both parties are satisfied. In my own opinion if Nasri doesnt want to commit himself to Arsenal and sign a new contract i would rather ship him off somewhere than lose him on a free, Nasri was hailed as a”God” last season to Home and Away Arsenal fans during that unbelievable (3-4 month spell he had) but that image can be changed very much depending on what happens from now and until the 1st of September. We will just have to wait and see i guess.

As ive met and know quite a few of the players personally, one being Eboue hes told me that Sol Campbell was in training over the week just to retain his fitness over the summer in search of a new club, i just hope that new club isn’t us as Wenger lovs a free bargain. Another player also told me a cheeky rumour that there will be a few more players incoming in the next few weeks, i wont reveal the player as i wouldn’t want to put the spotlight on them but fingers crossed.
Transfer rumours on who we are after have died down a bit of recent, mainly due to the fact that we are on the Asia tour and surprisingly Ivan was accompanying the squad with Arsene, i just hope hes doing his business from there. On the good news is that Liverpool look set to sign Downing for a whopping £20mil fee which is great news for us because that is just one over priced english pie. Hopefully that frees us up to go and do business with Valencia over Mata now and show nasri we wont miss him if he decides to leave.

Arsenal land in China today following part 2 of their Asia tour and im told it will be an even bigger great by the Chinese followers which is always a treat to see, the tour is turning out to be a massive hit and im sure we will endure more of these pre-season tours in the near future.

Just a quick know here at Forty-Nine we are looking for possible guest writers either journo’s or fellow Arsenal bloggers maybe a weekly thing. just fill in the contact us form and ill get back as quickly as possible.

Thats all for now and have a nice day, comment away and get the ball rolling.

Yours Goonerly.


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