Tour Nearing The End // Lukaku Link // Wenger Blasts Mancini by Alex-Forty-Nine
16/07/2011, 16:56
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Asia Tour Nearing End

So the team are about to departure from China after what you could say was a very successful trip in terms of the commercial side and building a wider fan base. On terms of performances you can expect too much from our very first two pre-season games, its all about team blending and fitness. The game against Malaysia seemed promising with some very good attacking movements and so on, i cant comment on the most recent game today as i was unable to capture it, the joys of working =/. Last note on the Asia tour, i believe Arsenal have truly benefited from it hugely and it will now show the board how our fan base is across the world and the potential it could be if they were to invest within the squad even more.

Lukaku A Bit Like Drogba?

The word is that we have been linked with Lukaku the 18 Year-old Belgian striker, and before everyone starts to say once again that he’s young and so on, this guy has been featuring in the Anderlecht first team since he was 16 and has a pretty good stat rate of goals to game ratio. He’s even been tagged to have the presence and quality of Didier Drogba who all Arsenal fans fear as well as the odd Ex-Arsenal defender (Senderos). I think this would be quite a good signing for Arsenal and perhaps change our style up top a bit having a very physical striker with an agile yet technically gifted player like Robin behind to feed him. On that note Chelsea have reported that its come to a surprise that Arsenal are the first to apparently have placed a bid before them, well hooray we got there first for once if true, we shall see how this one pans out. A quick snip about our left back possibilities with Pardew stated that Enrique is holding out for a Champions League team, and that puts Liverpool out of the two-horse race being reported they and Arsenal are both in for the strong left back. More on that one later.

Hmm.... The Prof Says.

Wenger’s latest rant at an opposing Manager or Player comes after the comments Mancini came out with, insisting he wants Nasri and the deal to be completed before the end of July.

Wengers reactions “They are absolutely out of order. I don’t think these comments are allowed. They are against the rules, the basic rules of football… It is purely indiscretion.”

Rightly said by Arsene in my opinion no manager should say or attempt to come out with comments like Mancini and not be punished in any way, Wenger is very respectable in those terms and rarely speaks of a player owned by another club and rightly so he demands that respect back of his Team and Players.

In my opinion regardless who Citeh sign they will still attempt to shut the barn door when facing the top teams in the EPL that’s just their way of playing and although i have no doubts on how they can be dominant this style would not suit Nasri’s gameplay.

Thats all for now and probably today.

Yours Goonerly.


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