What Would Be The Ideal Summer In The View Of An Arsenal Fan? by Alex-Forty-Nine
20/07/2011, 14:34
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Media Terrorists....

So I start off today with a different subject involving our summer transfer pursuit, im juts going to explain what I would see as our ideal summer during this tough transfer window, some may agree some may disagree, but I would like to hear what everyone thinks and what they would class as a good summer transfer window for Arsenal.

I’m going to start off by going through all the Ins and Outs involving our beloved club Arsenal. First of all starting with all the various Outs, rumours or non-rumours, players already shipped out and who will be or should be in my view.

The Fabregas saga has gone on for too long in my view now, as Arsenal we should put down our foot and issue Fabregas an ultimatum, which some may disagree on this, we ask him finally what he proposes and what he wishes and we do the same, for example we tell him there is no way we are willing to stoop down for a fee of under £40million which in my opinion is still cheap and i feel we should be pushing for somewhere in the region of £50million plus. We should ask him if he understands this clearly and whether he is going to be fully committed to Arsenal if and when Barca do not pay the fee we want!  If he finds this suitable to himself we should then make him force a public announcement stating his desire because as far as the fans are concerned we have o idea what he’s been thinking during the past seasons and all this saga with Barca, if he doesn’t agree we should then strip him of captaincy because in my opinion no player who is not committed to the club should have the privilege to wear the captains armband and lead our club every time we step onto that pitch. Maybe stripping the captaincy from him will relieve him of a bit of pressure for the time being and placing it to a player who we can all tell would be by far more suitable in the likes of Vermaelen, and before everyone starts about RVP I believe no striker should be captain of a football team regardless who they are, you can lead your team from up top. If we were to sort this out with Cesc and the cunts across the sea by the name of Cuntelona then thats the first step in the right direction.

Another player constantly in the media is Samir Nasri, a player whois entering the last 12 months of his contract enabling him to leave on a free to whoever tickles his fancy at the end of the season. Firstly im appalled that Arsenal have once again allowed one of our pivotal players to enter the last year of their contract and even more disgusting is we are willing to keep it that way and face the risk of losing him to a rival for free! Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the logic in allowing a player with the talent Nasri possesses to see out his contract and totally ignore the possibility of snatching £20million+ for him if sold this summer? nonetheless we should offer him that one last contract, as ive heard in the region of £110,000-a-week if he still doesn’t sign then ship him. Nasri was by far one of the most loved players last season at home and away games if we were to let him continue playing at Arsenal having not signed a contract that will quickly change. At the moment the ideal situation which I see for Arsenal and which would keep myself happy is if we kept both Nasri and Fabregas but continued to strengthen and show ambition in the transfer market which Nasri “stated” he wants to “see”.

Next up the situation involving our defence in particular our Left back and Centre back areas. Having seen Wenger put his trust in the services of Gibbs to fulfil his left back problems, which i disagree is the right option, it leaves me thinking that selling Clichy wasn’t such a great idea only to replace him with an injury prone non-natural left back. In my eyes Gibbs isn’t a left back at all, throughout his reserve time he was a Centre Midfielder and a Left Winger. He’s still very young and his positioning is as poor as Clichy’s was. Although Wenger did go on to say he has Vermaelen to cover as a left back this then leaves us short of a strong CB pairing, ideally i wouldn’t want us to go into the new season without a purchase of a top-notch Centre back with added height and the ability to defend set-pieces which we all know is Arsenal’s weakness. Gary Cahill as mentioned yesterday is a perfect choice, which then leaves us with G.Cahill, Kos, Squid(Oh No) and Djourou if Vermaelen was to be deployed as a left back. Wenger has also stated that Squid is our 4th choice CB and we all know he isn’t goo enough to be that, also knowing with Arsenal that our 4th choice centre backs always have an important role throughout the season, i feel we would need to bring in another CB, my choice would be Samba. leaving us against the likes of Stoke and so on the teams that always expose us when defending set pieces with a back line of Sagna – Samba – Cahill – Vermaelen. I do though think Kos will be an excellent defending in the coming years he just needs more time to improve and maybe learn off Vermaelen and Cahill if they were to be the pairing CB’s against other teams. Having said that the need to buy two CB’s we would then need to ship out one, that one being in my opinion Squid, a very odd buy in the first place at the age of 30+ I feel he isn’t quite cut out for the Premiership and therefor I feel he needs to leave.

Having already seen Denilson depart (Hooray!!) i still feel there is a bit more deadwood that needs shifting, as I look back on the games last season I still feel that we don’t have any natural wingers as do the likes of Manure the champions which now have Nani, Valencia, Young and the possibility of Park, this being a short area for Arsenal as we too often deploy a striker as a winger in the effect of playing lone striker RVP up top. Buying a player like Mata would be a great addition and even enforce some real competition in the team for first team spots which our team needs! Sometimes I feel the lack of work-rate or the will to turn up to games during the season against the “weaker” teams is due to players knowing that they will be in the Starting 11 and the ones that come into replace know that’s only their job to give the main 11 a rest, it shouldn’t work like this at all. We want our players to fight for positions against whoever opponent we come against.

In summary I feel that getting all my points sorted out and so on and showing some real intent in this transfer window which is the most important for Wenger in all his time at Arsenal will not only uplift the team but also the fans, which we all need having suffered watching our team fail for 6 years in a row now. We can’t afford it to be 7 years and neither can Wenger, lets all just hope Wenger realises this.

Dont be shy to comment your own opinions on what you think should be done or not be done and the view of what i think.

Thats all for now, enjoy reading, hopefully I didn’t bore you all.

Yours Goonerly.


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