Fabregas,Almunia & Bendtner Off? // Mata,Cahill,Lukaku In? // Overpriced Englishmen… by Alex-Forty-Nine
22/07/2011, 20:47
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Good Evening Gooners & Goonerettes, would like to say thanks to all that have visited and read my posts as we have ow surpassed the one week anniversary since Forty-Nine was created and im delighted im still surviving! Just About Ha!

Also a quick thanks from everyone on twitter helping promote the site and for all the #FF’s received today!

Moving on swiftly before i bore you all, Arsenal have announce Cesc d that will not be attending the trip to Germany to play Cologne tomorrow afternoon due to a continuous “injury” yea right. I’ve had enough of this Barca/Cesc/Arsenal Transfer saga which is basically something which has come in common when mentioning Arsenal of late. Barca should stop acting like stubborn kids and offer the money which is deserved by Arsenal for the services of Cesc, thats if they even want him that much. The bids show no real intent of their desire to capture the player that has “Barca DNA” and is “Destined to go back home”, £27-33million bids are ridiculous and im sure they even know it is too, they are playing a bully game, they know that by even putting an offer it is keeping Cesc interested knowing the fact they are “trying” to buy him and making him oblivious to the fact that in all honesty the only intent they are showing is only just to keep him sweet and happy knowing the club he loves, dreams and wants to play for again is even attempting regardless how pathetic their attempts are. Its gone that far now that ive decided that this will be my last post on Cesc until he either leaves or is still an Arsenal player come 1st of September.

In other news Wenger has also confirmed that Bendtner is staying behind due to the delay in a proposed move away form Arsenal. I’m actually quite gutted about seeing Bendtner possibly leaving Arsenal, i think he has the ability to become a top striker regardless how big his ego is. I remember first seeing the Dane in the reserves suiting long hair. he was quite impressive on the night i first saw him scoring a hatrick and boasted quite a bit of strength back then having been one of our biggest players in the reserves. I feel that Wenger never really gave him a chance in the Arsenal team as our main striker albeit how top-notch Van Persie is, Wenger provides something different, his presence is a bit better than Van Persie but no doubt the lata is far more technically gifted. he has helped Arsenal before, coming on many a time to score a late equaliser or winning goal in the past seasons and has since been noted as a super sub rather than a starter.

Viking Bendtner

Next up is Alumina the clown of the team, okay im sorry that was a bit harsh, he does look like he is on drugs though and half asleep constantly, maybe the fact that the amount of silly goes he’s let in may be due to that aye?
It’s funny that Wenger doesn’t even mention or talk about Almunia anymore as if he is inexistant, i feel sorry for him as he was probably only destined to ever feature as a No.2 choice for any team. I’m pretty sure we shall see him depart from the Emirates this summer and we shall then find out who will vacate the No.1 jersey seeing as Shezzers has been named as No.13.

So we have been once again linked with a move to Mata and it has now been suggested that we have been given the green light to go ahead and propose an offer and if suitable being allowed to speak to the player. Excellent signing that would be, only 23 already playing in a top league is a regular and superstar at Valencia and he still has bags more potential to offer. The Cahill story has died down bu Bolton are due back on saturday and Arsenal due back next wednesday so we should be looking to further negotiations as im told now from my sources late next week. Hurry up Wenger!

Lukaku is being linked highly with Chelski, Citeh and us the Mighty Gooners, supposedly he doesn’t fancy a move to the blue side of north london so that may be a good sign for us depending on whether Citeh decide to offer him triple of whatever we offer. We shall see on that one too, time will tell and of course the fee is what it always depends on with Arsenal having already put a bid in for Jagielka of £10million but notably turned down and told to come back with £20million far from his valuation of course.

This moves me onto the price some teams demand for English players that always seem to put Arsene off buying. I feel as if most teams see the need to slap on an extra £10million to the valuation of an english player for example the recent Chamberlain, Southampton apparently holding out for £12million up front is far from what the player is actually worth and a huge fee to ask for a League 1 albeit now Championship player only at the age of 17. Jagielka as well-being valued at £20million by Everton is far from the real valuation that should be set around £10-15million and nothing more, the lists are endless at how much english players cost now, and its been proven most by Liverpool this summer.

Thats all for now, hope you all enjoy the game tomorrow.

Yours Goonerly.


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