Mata // Cahill // Jagielka // Parker // Martinez by Alex-Forty-Nine
25/07/2011, 18:13
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Must be your lucky day today, two posts in the space of 20 minutes.

Well so far Arsenal have been linked with untold players. Strikers, midfielders and defenders. Wenger surprised us all i think by coming out and saying –

Certainly, we will have to find one more defender,” he said. “We [are] working on it.

Quoted from directly its something that confirms we all know we need a defender and apart from only conceding 2 goals in 3 games, i think Wenger has realised he needs to strengthen his defence even more, having lodged a bid for £10 million for Jagielka, which i think is a reasonable offer but Everton don’t sell cheap and they wouldn’t sell him for £10 million no chance at all. We have now placed a £12 million bid which is not even close to Everton’s £20 million valuation, total piss take also. Wenger is playing hard ball i reckon, showing Bolton there are other players we are in for, Having already confirmed we had a late bid for Jones accepted of around £16 million with add ons, a sign Wenger is ready to splash it but just playing the usual games every team do. With Cahill around £17 million Jageilka around £20 million, i reckon we will end up with Cahill and i think this hes the better choice out of the two. Although Cahill being younger both are fairly similar except Cahill possesses more height than Jagielka, which Arsenal are in dire need of. Were making Bolton sweat on this one knowing he is in his last year contract, and they will probably be forced into selling him for around £14 million nearer the season knowing they could well lose him for nothing come the summer of 2012.

moving on Mata rumours will not go away so maybe there is some real truth, i think we all know how much quality this guy attains its just the question if Wenger will dash up £23 odd million to acquire the services of this very talented Spaniard. Its only 19 days until the start of the season and Wenger needs to act fast for the player to be able to blend in and at least try to make an instant impact. Theres also rumours that we are in for Athletic Club de Bilbao’s star man Javi Martinez as a player also on Wenger’s wish-list for the summer and the possibility of buying Martinez and Mata, cants say ive seen much of Martinez myself but ive seen a lot of Mata, Mata would be a great buy and would certainly cheer us Gooners up a bit.

Mata of time?

The latest to hit the Rumour mill is Wenger has rekindled his interest in Scott Parker as he looks to bolster his centre midfield up a bit more, i actually admired him during the past season, being a massive stand out player and captain for West Ham and believe he would be a great addition to our squad, probably not the starting 11 though. He would bring a lot of passion with him to Arsenal which is something we also lack from our players and it has shower over the last quarter of the season having only won 3 games out of our last 18 or something like that, a terrible stat for a team like our Arsenal, makes me even wonder how we managed to finish fourth.

Another tit that has come out and admitted of trying to tap up a player of ours is that twat i actually regard as one of my top five hated players in the EPL, Evra. I actually hate the guy, and he makes my hate grow even higher by admitting he has tried to convince Nasri in joining him at Manure next season with quotes from The Guardian –

“I remember I made a little joke saying that he’s a prince now but if he wants to be the king then he has to join Man United,” Evra said in the Sun. “But that’s the reality – and I’ve told him that. I’ve said: ‘If you want to win trophies, you have to come here.’

“In five years, I’ve won 12 trophies and I don’t know if I’d have won more than that with another club. So I just told him the truth.”

This makes my blood boil and surely Arsene’s. if Nasri isn’t issued an ultimatum to sign i would flog him straight away to the highest bidder. End of that.

Thats all from the Rumour mill for now.

I also had a little chat with Eboue earlier today asking him about the rumours doing the rounds about him and he’s assured me he hasn’t heard any of it, But he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of leaving Arsenal at the moment as his position is being threatened by Jenkinson right now, Galatasary out of the question for him though.

Thats it for today my fellow Gooners and Goonerettes.

Yours Goonerly.





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