Emirates Cup Comes To An End // Whats Next? by Alex-Forty-Nine
01/08/2011, 17:54
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Bore Draws...

Good afternoon Gooners and Goonerettes, i hope all are enjoying the lovely bit of sunshine we are getting in the UK.

I’m going to start off today on my thoughts of Game at the Emirates Cup i attended yesterday and as we enter the final 12 days of pre-season until the new season officially kicks off.

So as i entered the Emirates yesterday only to realise i was seated next to the loudest bunch of Boca Junior fans within the Emirates, yes the ones with the Umbrellas and Drums, after at first it started to induce a pounding headache i got used to it after a while and started to think, if only we were like that, their team were 2-0 down at the point and they were still singing proudly and loud, PSG bagged another goal, 3-0 down and it spurred them on to get even louder, it was quite something to see, was very inspiring! Makes you wonder if the Emirates was filled of 50 odd thousand Arsenal supporters apart from the 4-5 thousand away fans of similar sort to those Boca fans the atmosphere would be electric and certainly make it a fortress in which the opposition would dread to come and play at.

Heres a quick video clip above of the crazy Boca fans seated near me, one thing i felt sorry for, there were three older Arsenal Fans in the middle of them all. All in all they were quite inspiring and im having thoughts of purchasing and Drum for the upcoming season to take to the Emirates =P.

Moving on, it was great to see the great Thierry Henry make a return back to the Emirates and the Arsenal fans didn’t shy away from the appreciation of his return at all, was nice to see him back albeit not in an Arsenal shirt but the was all in good terms. So with the game against New York Redbulls ending in a 1 all draw and seeing them lift the Emirates cup this year and hearing the boo boys at the end of the game it was a great show to watch. There were some positives from the game to take away though, the emergence of RVP scoring in both Cup games is something to look forward to as the season approaches. Rosicky is also impressing me of late, stepping up in that role in the centre of midfield, really taking control of each game and also coming out of it with an assist for RVP’s goal. Afobe had to make an early entrance to the game with Wilshere going off due to a tweak he felt in his ankle. Afobe impressed with his blistering pace and linked up well with all the Arsenal players, Vermaelen and Kos looked solid as usual and Gervinho impressed again with his speed although he should have bagged his one on one chance. As we let in once again a late goal and the game finished, the Boo’s started and it was once again an all familiar event to see at Arsenal without being able to see out a game who in all honesty was against quite a poor NYR team.

Our incapability to break down a parked bus is something we have struggled with, during the Emirates Cup and all of last season, we have no plan b with RVP on the pitch, Chamakh to be honest is very poor of late and doesn’t seem to be getting any better and showing us what we know he can be like. I still feel we need a Centre Back or two maybe a cover DM and a striker or AM. Nasri has played all pre-season games in the Central role and in my view he hasn’t impressed at all, he is far more of a threat on the wing. It just proves that without Cesc our midfield really can’t operate to the maximum we have seen before and with Nasri in the central role it is all too predictable and stale.

There is now 12 days until the start of the premier league and it was announced today that Joey Barton has been placed on the transfer list for a free. This leaves our first game against Newcastle away, which should result in an easy win as over the past few months they have lost the spine of their team being Nolan, Carol and now possibly Barton. They look to be set for a bad start to their season. I expect no less than 3 points from our opener and anything less will be quite disappointing.

We shall see what happens in the remainder of the 12 days leading up to the kick off of the 2011/12 season and if we will bring in any new additions, im hoping its done pretty soon as we only have one pre-season friendly left against Benfica on Saturday and it would mean there would be hardly any time for new additions to blend in.

Thats all today from Forty-Nine.

I’ll update on any new transfer possibilities as soon as i get my sources confirmed.

Yours Goonerly.



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