More Important Things // Cesc & Eboue Off // Keep The Faith by Alex-Forty-Nine
15/08/2011, 15:53
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Good Afternoon on this bleak looking day.

So first things first we have one of the most important fixtures coming up starting from tomorrow night at the Emirates. We face an Italian team Udinese who although having sold 2 of their star players in the likes of Inler and Sanchez, we are also in the same sort of position having already departed with Cesc and Nasri looking set to go towards the exit door of the Emirates soon. This game is one of the most important games Arsenal will have to play this season,and probably one of the most important games in the sake of Wenger’s career. Failing to qualify for Europe could result in a total up roar at the Emirates as it is already failing to hold onto a big contingent of Arsenal fans as we grown ever so frustrated by the club with every bad result of transfer dealing.

It will be interesting to see who Wenger picks to play up top against Udinese with Robin Van Persie out suspended accompanied by the controversy headliner Nasri. Do we go up top with Chamakh alone or go with Gervinho being the lone striker. It’s a question only Wenger can answer 30 minutes prior to kick off but we all have our own views and opinions on who we think should be played and what sort of formation should be deployed. The one thing i pray for is that Arsenal don’t take Udinese lightly, they will be a tough opponent no doubt, but in all heinz sight we should walk over them, same could be said about Newcastle on saturday which to be honest i don’t even want to begin talking about again.

My thoughts of the sort of team we should deploy would go as followed –


Sagna – Kos – Verminator – Gibbs


Ramsey – Rosicky/Lansbury

Walcott                                            Arshavin


You may ask why i haven’t put Chamakh up top as the lone striker, well in my opinion i don’t feel he offers enough as a lone striker for Arsenal, although i don’t undermine his heading ability, i just don’t think he’s cut out to be a lone striker for Arsenal, that being said i would love to see him played in a 4-4-2 formation with someone up top to partner him, allowing him to link up with someone may prove to be his turning point. I think Arsenal need to revert to our 4-4-2 formation that we saw dominate the EPL going 49 Games unbeaten, having that extra striker i feel is the missing link in Arsenals game, having that extra body in the box when our wingers are bursting down the wings only to find an empty box or only a one man target to hit. If we were to use a 4-4-2 formation i would like it to be –


Sagna – Kos – Verminator – Gibbs

Song – Rosicky/Ramsey

Walcott                                         Arshavin

Gervinho – Chamakh

I think the 4-4-2 formation could well work in our favour if the whole team takes part in its defensive duties then we should be able to handle all the pressure we may be up against.

Moving on from the UCL qualifier we have tomorrow night, it saddens me to talk about the departure of a great talent Cesc Fabregas. I say talent because i feel he hasn’t even reached his full potential although being a world-class centre mid and probably the best at his trade in the EPL but far. Having spent 8 years at Arsenal and only effectively won one trophy, the 2005 FA Cup. I remember Cesc featuring in the reserves following his move from the Barcelona Youth system at the age of 16. From the very first moment of watching him i remember feeling excited at what this guy can be like and is like. Tearing part the reserve league and then being shifted into the first team through a lucky break whilst Vieira suffered through injuries he came with a storm to the EPL. Making a total of 303 appearances for Arsenal scoring 57 goals and with a total tally of 100 assists we have finally lost El Capitan. I wish him all the best however angry i feel, mainly towards the Cuntelona lot i their manner in which they eventually got Fabregas, but that is one thing i will gladly like to see the end of.

A dear friend of mine who is also about to be sold by the Club Eboue after eventually agreeing a fee with Galatasaray, a guy who was booed off at the Emirates after coming on as a sub and eventually being subbed off. I honestly feel for Eboue and what he’s been through and he has shown his full commitment to arsenal more than most players who have come and gone wearing the Red and White. A player of that example is Samir Nasri, who continues to be tipped to be the next departure out of the Emirates. He was today involved in yet again another twitter ramp with Arsenal fans, proving once again he is clueless to the meaning of respect and asking for it back –

Second To Last Tweet What A Tit

This just goes to show that some football players, so-called professionals are really oblivious as to how they can win or lose the fans hearts so easily. My answer to that Nasri, the only way you will be respected is by putting pen to paper in a new contract and proving your real ability which we all know you have not for only 3 months of the season but for a full season. He really should refrain from mentioning what he “heard” the fans singing or what he thinks is “disrespectful” without knowing the meaning of respect in the first place.

Anyway enough of my ranting today, i want to end it on a good note. So i came across a song yesterday by Danny Graft (twitter account @DannyGraft) and id like every Arsenal fan to have a little listen, and keep the faith.

Thats all today and one last quick note, The biggest signing Arsenal could possibly make this season is the 12th Man, Us Home Fans!

Yours Goonerly.


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