14 Days & Counting Till Judgment Day by Alex-Forty-Nine
17/08/2011, 19:31
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Do or Die Mr Wenger - Do or Die...

So from today we have exactly 14 days to make this season into one of the most memorable in years to come for the best or possibly the worst ever. The last 2 weeks of the summer transfer one will be the most nerve racking, nail biting and tense time for Arsenal fans, Players and Manager. I only see two outcomes to this transfer window at the moment for Arsenal and it all depends on Le Boss and what he intends or is doing. Wenger now has 14 days to prove to all us Arsenal fans, who no doubt spend a lot of money to follow Arsenal at any degree be it, going to the games, watching on the tv or simply buying the new kit we bring out every year, That he can add to this squad, but add to it with the right players and the right quality.

Le Boss now has no excuse not to spend the money with the departure of Cesc and Co. Arsenal is not a poor club, i refuse to believe we dont have funds available or the board wont allow Wenger to spend. This is how i see it at the moment. We stick with this squad without further signings before September 1st, selling Na$ri gaining a £20-25 million fee for it and just sitting in the bank along with the £35million odd we got for Fabregas totalling to around £60million with the freeing of both players wages leaving us short of to midfielders and no signings albeit Gervinho but ill get to him later on. Moving on anyway, im trying to say in all this is we are becoming a very weak squad and short of 4-5 players considering the amount of departures we have had including Cesc,Eboue,Vela (loan),JET,Na$ri soon off and many reserves players shifted. The players we have bough so far being Gervinho, AOC and Jenkinson, dont really know if i should add Joel Campbell as a first team acquisition just yet but apart from Gervinho none of the players would be classed as automatic first team starters. 14 days is the time when i will really judge Arsene, its make or break for him this season in my opinion, he has stated in a recent interview on skysportsnews or should i say skyspudnews-

I will pay 30 i will even pay 40 if i find the right players, but its not the question of money, its the question of quality we find”

if im right before i go on about the words of Le Boss, did he not state himself after the fulham match that he would not spend £40million on a player? Ye im pretty sure he said that. Anyway i would just like to point out why is it so easy for a team like Citeh to find “quality” such as Aguero although being around £35-38million, how i wish Arsenal would aim for those type of players, you have to remember their wage is that high because it is a team like Citeh it is a major risk joining a team like that and the only way they can attract top players like Aguero is with a nice fat pay cheque at the end of the week, Arsenal is a very famous club and we shouldn’t find it hard to attract these types of players, the wage difference they would ask for comparing us to Citeh would be a major difference. I can name around 10 players in the £30-40 million bracket who have heaps of quality and would instantly add it to Arsenal i just dont think Wenger has it in him to pay those kind of fees regardless of what he said he would.

I dont want to hear come September 1st that the players we were after weren’t available or the lack of quality wasn’t there to be bought, thats just utter nonsense, its definitely there its just the case if Wenger has the cajones to go out there and get them and spend whatever it takes. No dilly-dallying for a million here or there, we’ve missed out far too many times doing that and with 2 weeks left and with a massive amount of money to spend i would love to see him do that otherwise although i will remain on his side until May 2012 i fear for Wenger has a lot of Arsenal fans are reaching their last nerve point.

For me i will judge when the transfer window closes and assess fully, i hope you all will too. A massive two weeks for Arsenal and Wenger off the pitch, a sort of Do or Die situation.

I leave you with a quote from Tim Payton (@TimPayton) –

“ive never seen a bank account keep a clean sheet or score a goal”

So True indeed, fully agree, i just hope Wenger takes note.

Also on a quick note i would like to welcome @Pav_afc to the Forty-Nine team here, he will be doing the liverpool pre-view before saturday and i hope you all enjoy.

Thats all for me, would love to hear all your thouhts and so on.

Yours Goonerly




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