10 Days Left & What Are Your Thoughts? by Alex-Forty-Nine
21/08/2011, 20:16
Filed under: August 2011

So we have 9/10 day left in the Summer Transfer Window left and we just lost 2-0 to Liverpool who in all honesty wouldn’t have beaten us if it were 11 v 11 but i don’t wish to do a report on the game as personally I’m a sore loser and i prefer to move on.

What i do ask is that anyone that follows me on twitter if they could @ me with how they feel Arsenal will end up come September 1st and what you would like to happen and so on.
I ask this as im going to be adding every Arsenal fans point of view good or bad into the next post just to get a sort of sense of how we are all feeling.

So if you feel like being mentioned in the next blog post either contact Myself through twitter or simply through the Contact Us page and with the Subject of Arsenal Thoughts.

Also on a quick side note, whats the betting the FA wont even say anything about Meireles giving the finger to the Arsenal fans whilst celebrating their second goal, that’s classy you CNUT.

All For Now

Yours Goonerly.


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wenger really needs to buy and soon

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