Walcott Feeling The Pressure by Alex-Forty-Nine
22/08/2011, 15:53
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So ive decided to dedicate a blog post to Theo Walcott today, i know right he should feel so special.
I’d just like to start off by saying my view on Walcott himself – I dont rate him one bit, i feel he is a player with huge potential but for only one reason, and that reason is his blistering pace, no doubt he has an abundance of pace but without the brain in football he wont get far off with his pace alone. The way I see it, Walcott needs to learn and he needs to learn fast. whilst i sat at the Emirates on Saturday watching us fall apart as we lost the game 2-0 albeit the game only changed since we went down to 10 players. Moving on to my point of Walcott, I sat there deciding to watch him throughout the game just to understand what he does, how he does it and so on. I hear Enrique got the MOTM award against us, which okay well done to him but i didn’t see anything special from him marking Walcott. Walcott is not a hard player to mark out of the game. How I see it is that all the defender would have to do is to keep ushering him down the line and continue you so, Walcott is incapable of taking on a player with skill, he would be able to by knocking it past the player and running but for some reason he doesn’t even do that. He has done it before and its made him look great but he tries to revert to skill and he has none whatsoever.
Walcott was eventually subbed and the fan reaction from where i was sitting was a sign of relief, many fans around me believe he isn’t capable of playing on the wing and he would be much more suited to the CF role.

Moving on from the Liverpool game and how Walcott performed or should I say didn’t perform at all. This is Walcott’s fifth year with Arsenal now and what has he got to show for it? has he really grown into the potential Wenger said or believes he has?

I can’t help but think if Walcott had at least 20% the footballing brain Bergkamp had he would already be one of the best players in the world with the pace he acquires. Now im pretty sure you can all gather that I don’t rate Walcott at all and im sure I have my valid reasons, so now I will explain why I think he’s going to feel the pressure this season and why.

Last season Walcott knew that if he were fit he would be in the starting 11 with ease and without doubt in his mind, during the summer though it may be he has though about the competition that has come in for his “Winger” role as Wenger has gone out and signed 2 players fit and suited to the right hand side winger position and also having secured a permit for Ryo Miyaichi.

All Pace...

With the signings of Gervinho who featured highly for Lille last season on the right side winger position, there can be no doubt that Walcott would be feeling the pressure this season, also the signing of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who was bought from the same team Walcott was purchased from 5 years before, a player who is already being dubbed better than Walcott, with more skill than Walcott and he is younger than Walcott you cant help but think Walcott is fearing this competition. That may be the reason that his latest comments that he feels he should play as a Striker, noting the competition he now has on that right side of the midfield/winger spot.

To me this is a make or break it season for Theo Walcott, he either proves that he now has the quality to play CF and hopefully Wenger gives him the chance to shine and plays him up top, but if he’s given the chance and he fails to impress im pretty sure that it will break Walcott with the upcoming emergence and signing of AOC.

Thats all for now on my little rant about Theo Walcott and maybe a little something for all of us to think about.
Wouldn’t you feel the pressure if your boss hired two people who could do the same thing as you, if not better?

Thanks for reading.

Yours Goonerly.



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