They Eight Us To Shreds // Best Away Fans In The League // Arsene Incapable Anymore by Alex-Forty-Nine
29/08/2011, 12:48
Filed under: July 2011

Where do i start after yesterdays indescribable performance by a so-called Arsenal team. The only association that turned up for Arsenal yesterday were those 3000 Arsenal Away fans who kudos to them did not stop singing at all despite the lack of passion and work rate from those 11 players on the pitch. Before i talk about the game and how i think about the players that played, i believe it is fully deserved for every single away fan yesterday to be fully refunded without fail after that abysmal display.

Moving on to the terrible game yesterday as i arrived home late completely shattered from a footy tournament i had played and walking into the living room only to see we were already 2-0 down and heard we had missed a penalty it all started to become even worse as more goals started to fly in. We were 3-0 and then out of no where we had got a cheeky goal before the break form a good finish from Walcott, about the only thing i had seen him do apart from winning the penalty. Going in at half time 3-1 down you felt this could be turned around, as we attack Manure they seemed to definitely be shaky and we attacked quite well but didn’t take our chances, if you were to look at the stats at half time you would never have believed we would be the team losing 3-1. It just goes to show that stats do no tell the whole story.

Second half started and Manure came flying out of the blocks causing our defence many more problems and showing how utterly shite they are. Traore now being linked with a move away played like a player who was set to leave, Djourou played like an absolute Donkey and look like Squid in disguise, Kos played decent but with out Vermaelen next to him to take command you could tell he was isolated constantly and with Djourou’s lack of positional awareness he was basically covering for the both of them and i don’t even want to get started on Jenkinson. If i start on my thoughts about Jenkinson i wont stop and it will upset a lot of Arsenal fans i leave it to your own opinions but my own one is not a good one of him. I think the biggest failing yesterday was seeing Wenger just sit there clueless and it all showed as soon as he took off Francis Coquelin who i thought was at least keeping it a fair score and trying to protect a terrible back four on his debut was truly a tough task for a once again inexperienced youth player stuck in the deep end by Wenger and his inability to see Experience is needed and fast.

We now have just over 48 hours to sort this complete mess out, do i have faith in Wenger to do it? No i don’t. Do i hope he really does? Of course i do i want the best for Arsenal FC the club i love and have grown up supporting. It’s a very tough task he’s got on his hands right now and to be honest it will take more than 3 players to sort it out. We have no excuse about injuries and suspensions of the end result yesterday even youth can’t be used as an excuse as they fielded a younger team than us.

The difference with their youth and ours is they have that EPL experience before even kicking a ball for them in the first team, they know the ins and outs and albeit at a price they have done it so well, Wenger’s view and singings of youth are of that of total difference to theirs. Wenger rarely buys tried and tested youth and they only suffer when called upon in the Arsenal team. Wilshere had it perfect for him, Wenger done it the right way for his progression and growth into a top player. That season long loan not only done wonders for him but it also gave him that experience in the EPL without having such a big weight on his shoulders and away from blocking his progression through being used as an Arsenal player. Ramsey needs that season long loan to an EPL, at the moment he isn’t up to playing for Arsenal in the first team, he will be for sure one day, but right now he’s not, there is far too much pressure on all our youngsters to play in this Arsenal team and it’s not their faults but it could hinder them in the future, Wenger is the only one at fault for sticking them in the deep end without any blow up arm supports to keep them afloat, that being Experienced players to help them.

At the moment its hard to feel sorry for Wenger unless we are told the truth, i don’t only blame him i blame the board highly, having an American owner who is incapable of speaking to the fans or rather doesn’t want to isn’t good for business at all. Transfer window officially shuts on Wednesday at 11pm and if nothing is done to improve or resolve this AW has lost my backing and the board has lost me completely a long time ago. This could very well be the last season at Arsenal for Wenger, Make or break for him indeed.

Thats all for me to write as i am still quite angry, frustrated and much more at the moment.

I’ll leave you with a little video of our immense away fans from yesterday who did not stop singing at all.

Yours Goonerly.


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