Id like to start by saying hello and welcome to the all new Arsenal F.C. Blog Forty-Nine.
Bear with me as this is my first time blogging but im determined to do it as professionally and precise as possible.

Ill start off by saying a few things about myself so you have a little understanding of the new Gooner blogger that has entered the vast and extremely good blogging world and of course the Arsenal blogging world.
Hmm so where do i start, ive just qualified as an architect not that it relates much, I have a bit of spare time on my hands now, dedicating myself to this blog and of course Arsenal the club we all so dearly love.

The 2011/12 season that we are about to embark on will also be my first season as an official AFC season ticket holder, which if i may add im quite happy about regardless the price which i wont even start rambling about.
what i aim to do with this blog is allow myself to express my feelings positive or negative regarding Arsenal and everything involved within, having played professional football myself and in the event of having to stop due to a severe knee injury I blog as also an avid football fan but a once former pro you could say.

Moving on swiftly from myself i would like to start by blogging about the current situation Arsenal are in at the moment. As i say situation i dont mean in a negative or positive way just the era we are entering.
i would like to add that during the first days of the Asia tour which i must congratulate the AST (Arsenal Supporters’ Trust) who have worked very hard on convincing the Board/Commercial team of Arsenal that it would be wise to take a trip to Asia and further our fan base and Commercial Revenue. If it wasn’t for the AST we wouldn’t be witnessing the first AFC Asia tour for a long time.

As i check the Arsenal website daily and see the new Picture Specials or Video Exclusives on ArsenalPlayer im filled with excitement, its something very different, quite hard to describe, you can also tell its very enjoyable for the players compared to the not so hyped yearly pre-season tour Arsenal make to Austria in the middle of nowhere wedged between two mountains. Its also nice to see the amazing amount of Asian fans so interested in our very own club that we love so much and have the privilege of being able to attend games without a 13 hour flight. My first thoughts are only why we haven’t travelled further afield before hand, with all those superstars we had during the Invincible season, just imagine the how crazy it would have been then!

Furthermore ive noticed lately that all AFC fans have become rather distant from each other, a little hot-head towards each other, somewhat determined to ignore the fact we all have one major fact in common that we all very much so support the Mighty Arsenal!! We shouldn’t be arguing amongst each other regardless how frustrating the very team we support are becoming, the very manager we have once and maybe still do in some cases worship. In an ideal world i would much rather us all unite, begin to make the Emirates a fortress, somewhere feared by the opposing team and fans. My most recent memory of the feistiest bunch of AFC fans were on the evening the Evertonians passed by, on that very night i remember the stadium erupting with pure anger towards the ref, who i must add was a total tit, getting behind our players, lifting them from a 1-0 deficit and leading them to a 2-1 victory. After reading recently that Cesc El Capitan commented that he remember that very night and stood out for him as a night to remember at the Emirates, putting aside the Barca & Chavski games. If only we could be like that at every single home game, i praise our Away fans so much, they travel up and down the UK and Abroad for the UCL games and sing their hearts out, lets bring that to our Fortress!

Yours Goonerly.


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